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Cracking the BBC's GCHQ Puzzlebook Challenge, Revisited
02 Jan 2017
image credit: … just to show I can code badly in more than one language! This post is a follow up to my smash hit Cracking The BBC’S GCHQ Puzzlebook Challenge With Python I made an abortive attempt to learn Go / Golang last year but never really got anywhere with it. Mainly, I think, because I tried to do too much fancy stuff too soon and got right in over my head, in a morass of package imports and more syntax than I could take on board at once.... [ Read More ]
Cracking the BBC's GCHQ Puzzlebook Challenge With Python
03 Dec 2016
image credit: BBC NOTE: There’s now a follow-up to this post, wherein I recreate this bumbling incompetency in Go /Golang TOC The Challenge 1st Attempt: Pencil and Paper Enter Python Python: Failed Attempt 01 Python: Failed Attempt 02 Python: Success! The Solution The Challenge A week or so ago, to tie in with Radio4’s GCHQ: Minority Report documentary, the BBC published a code-breaking challenge set by GCHQ.... [ Read More ]
BBC Radio on Linux
26 Mar 2016
TOC Difficulties with Streaming BBC Radio on Linux Using Browser Spoofing to grab the BBC Radio Streaming URLs Playing the BBC Radio Streams with Radio Tray / VLC List of BBC Radio stream URLs Disclaimers / Warnings In one of my idle weekend tinkering sessions, this morning, I contemplated installing Linux [Ubuntu to be precise] on an old iMac I have lying around. Reasons being; said iMac runs OSX El Capitán like a slug on Mogadon and also, I only really use it for listening to the radio, while I’m on my gym.... [ Read More ]
BBC IPlayer Without Flash on Mac OSX
15 Mar 2014
The other day an old work buddy asked me if there was a way he could listen to BBC Radio on iPlayer, without having to install that notorious collection of security holes known as Adobe Flash. I thought about various ways this might be done, ranging from installing Flip4Mac [hmmm… a Microsoft plugin to replace an Adobe one. Talk about ’out of the frying pan into the fire!] to using VLC to try and open the live streams, but everything I came up with seemed to be almost as dodgy, or more of a pain in the arse to set up, than even using Flash would be.... [ Read More ]
Madra 'Unfunny' - Official!
30 Jun 2005
Well, yesterday I received an email from the BBC with the shortlist of 36 people who made it through to the final of the Last Laugh competition and my name was conspicuous by its absence. This means that I am officially a “Witless Drudge” with all the writing ability of a “Prepubescent Teenager who has been educated from birth via the medium of SMS text messages”. But you already knew that, didn’t you?... [ Read More ]
Don't Give Up the Day Job
01 May 2005
Well, after a couple of weeks of writing, scrunching up, rewriting, revising, scrunching up, rewriting, un-rewriting, un-scrunching, editing, rewriting and going back to what was originally there in the first friggin’ place, I finally decided to stop tweaking and uploaded my entry for the BBC’s Last Laugh competition. I did an ending to “The old Guys”]. Now, I’ve just got to sit back for a couple o months and wait for fame and fortune to come a-knocking at the door and then I’ll never again have to waste precious minutes composing this tedious drivel [that no fucker ever reads anyway!... [ Read More ]
New Who Review –Boo!
31 Mar 2005
Well, last night I sat down to watch the much-heralded rebirth of the formerly magnificent Doctor Who, with Christopher Ecclestone as The Doctor and Billie Piper as his travelling companion Rose. In spite of my instinctive dislike of the latter [I’m sorry, but you’ve got to feel some kind of contempt for anyone who’d marry a twat like Chris Evans! and because of my complete ignorance of [and therefore lack of prejudice against] the former, I determined to give the programme a ‘Fair Go’.... [ Read More ]
Who's Next?
31 Mar 2005
So Christopher Ecclestone has quit after making one series of the new Doctor Who, saying he “Doesn’t want to be typecast”, has he? Hmmm… Could you not have considered that this might likely happen, if you took on the role of one of the most iconic figures on British telly, before you signed the contract? So, after all the long wait to see Doctor Who on the box again, after all the fanfare and the build-up, after all the “Rubber Chicken Circuit” interviews Ecclestone gave on every radio and TV station in the feckin’ country, over the past few weeks, saying how proud he was of this new series, he’s jacked it in after a handful of episodes.... [ Read More ]
Descent Into Senility
22 May 2004
Fuck me rigid wi’ a rusty dildo! Did anyone else try that Test the Nation IQ test the other night on The Beeb? It was loads harder than all the previous ones! I’m tempted to play the “I’d been drinkin’ all day” card as some kind of excuse, but given that in the past I’ve usally been the first to throw the “I’d been drinkin’ all day and I’m still a feckin’ genius!... [ Read More ]
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