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Nostradamus Corner 2017
05 Jan 2017
Well, here we go again: another year, another fart-worthy folio of futile fog-peering. With last year’s predictions plumbing new depths of uselessness by scoring a contemptible 2⁄10 on the Nostradam-O-Meter®, there’s only one way to go this year! [mind you, with me at the helm of the Good Ship Predicto, that way is probably downwards]. Anyway, without further ado lets quack aside the mists of time and gaze into the future for 2017.... [ Read More ]
Autistic Bloody Britain
16 Jun 2005
I once saw a documentary on telly about Autism. During it, two kids were shown a toy being hidden underneath one of two up-turned boxes. One of the kids was then led from the room and in his or her absence, the toy’s hiding place was swapped, so that it was under the other box. The kid who’d remained in the room and seen the switch was asked to indicate under which box he or she thought the other child would think the toy was.... [ Read More ]
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