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Nostradamus Corner 2016
05 Jan 2016
OK. Let’s get this annual ‘Pantomime of Piss-Poor Prognostication’ out of the way. With last year’s predictions returning a record but still contemptible score of 3⁄10 on the Nostradam-O-Meter®, I could probably beat a typewriter-equipped chimpanzee over the head with a crystal ball until he produced some random gibberish –and still beat that total. But I’ve gone to all the trouble of getting my Mystic Meg outfit out of the wardrobe and squeezing into it.... [ Read More ]
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
12 Dec 2010
I notice that the bookies are offering odds of 17-to-one on a Beatles track being the Christmas Number One single. I might well have a flutter on that, so I might! When Apple first announced the arrival of The Beatles on iTunes I, like most other folks, said “So what? –’the kids’ today dinnae even know who The Beatles are and the people who know who The Beatles are already have all their music anyway!... [ Read More ]
Play It Loud, Mutha-Flippa!
24 Apr 2006
On Sunday avvy, while idly flicking through the telly channels in the vague hope of finding something remotely watchable, I happened upon the promising sounding “Kerrang Top 100 Greatest Rock Videos of all Time”. The phrase “All-Time” in this case, as with all these type of programmes, seemingly encompassing the music industry’s output from as far back in time as the previous fortnight. As I watched the programme, presented by that drummer out of the Stereophonics and two delightfully intellectually stunted vacuous bimbos [who I am reliably informed are tabloid topless models], it didnae take too long for me to realise something was rotten in the state of Anarchy.... [ Read More ]
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