11 Nov 2004
Ask Me No Questions...
“Pub Quiz Colossii unchallenged”

Egads! -To the Salisbury Pub last night, with the missus in tow, for the bi-semanal [is that a real word?] Pub Quiz, only to find that they didnae have enough punters in to justify running it this week. What the feck is going on?! - surely we havenae scared everyone else away by our increasingly commonplace and heroic victories? I mean we’ve not even been for about three weeks, so the rest of you had yer window of opportunity to pick up a prize or two if you wanted!

Added to this, D—— the barmaid [and quiz hostess] told me on Saturday she was leaving for a newer shinier job, so chances are, without her input, the quiz will wither and die through lack of interest or surfeit of apathy -whichever you prefer. So there goes another 'income stream' and it looks like we shall have to seek further afield for our 'trivia fix' in future!


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