17 Nov 2004
So Bohored of 'Boho'
“Another annoying buzzword is 'bohorne'”

As a regular eBay, with my very own wee shop, I’m getting used to the acronyms and buzzwords with which people populate their auction ads, but it seems like in the space of the last week or so, every fecker who’s putting Anything up for auction feels the need to describe it as "Boho". I presume it’s some kind of derivation of 'Bohemian' but do they really need to use it on every feckin' ad? I’ve seen 'Boho' biker jackets, 'Boho' boots, 'Boho' dresses, 'Boho' gloves and even 'Boho' luggage.

Of the categories I regularly browse, only the Apple Macintosh section has until now, remained untainted by Boho-itis, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time till someone advertises a 'Boho' iPod or [God help us!] a 'Boho' Dual Processor G5!


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AUTHOR: stíobhart matulevicz

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