Slaving Over a Hot Keyboard
“ site tinkerage”

Well, there’s nothing like a bout of enforced poverty to get the creative juices flowing!

Work has been a bit thin on the ground over the past few weeks. What with Christmas being just round the corner [I think it started in early November this year!] people are obviously saving the money they’d usually spend on vital necessities like websites and programming on idle frippery like booze and mince pies instead. So it was, I found myself with time on my hands this week which I actually put to good use in giving the company site the once over.

Three days [and several nights sitting up til the ‘wee small hours’] later, I’m pretty chuffed with the results. There are a couple of loose ends to tie up and a few tweaks to …er… ‘tweak’, but it’s pretty much all there now… and best of all, it all validates as strict XHTML 1,1

Sometimes I frighten myself, I’m so good!

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