13 Mar 2005
Democracy -Dontcha Love It?!
“Britain's shiny new 'Anti-Terror' legislation”

Nice to see all the main parties falling into line and voting for [albeit with a couple of insignificant amendments] The Government’s new Anti-Terror laws. These were brought in after the senile cunts in the House of Lords actually woke up long enough to realise that the previous policy of allowing anyone suspected of "Being a Johnny Foreigner" er…​ sorry, I mean of "Planning Terrorism" to be detained indefinitely without charge and without them or their solicitors being given access to the evidence against them was "not very British, Old Chap!"

The new laws [and this time approved by tHe Lords -so it’s all jolly good and democratic!] will allow anyone suspected of being a terrorist to be placed under a "Control Order" which means, amongst other things you can be…​.

  • Electronically tagged
  • Subject to a curfew
  • Prohibited from receiving visitors at your home, unless they’ve been approved by the Government first
  • Prohibited from meeting people outside your home, unless they’ve been approved by the Government first
  • Bbanned from owning a mobile phone
  • Restricted to one landline [Hmm!…​ I wonder if it’ll be bugged or not?]
  • Prohibited from accessing the internet
  • Rrequired to let unspecified 'Government Officials' into your home at any time to search or remove any articles they want
  • Required to surrender your passport
  • Required to report to an [again unspecified] 'Government Official' at any set time or place
  • Required to give any demanded information to an unspecified 'Government Official' at any time or place…​

etc. etc. If the Government even suspects you might be a terrorist.

And you’re still not allowed to know why they suspect you. You’re not allowed to know what the evidence against you is, for "Reasons of National Security"

[Source: BBC News]

Does anyone else remember the days when we used to sneer at the Soviet Bloc for imposing exactly the same restrictions on their own citizens who had dared to 'Deviate from official Government thinking' -or am I just living in some kind of Kafka-esque parallel universe these days?

If you listen carefully you might just hear the sound of George Orwell spinning in his grave -although it’s more likely to be drowned out by the baying chorus of the plankton brained majority of the British public screeching "Well. If you’ve done nuffink wrong, you’ve got nuffink to worry about, innit!" whilst their semi-literate newspapers tell them the week’s real big story is that some air-headed bimbo has split up with her moronic boyfriend.

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