31 Mar 2005
Who's Next?
“Has the Dr. Who role become a revolving door for jobbing actors?”

So Christopher Ecclestone has quit after making one series of the new Doctor Who, saying he "Doesn’t want to be typecast", has he?

Hmmm…​ Could you not have considered that this might likely happen, if you took on the role of one of the most iconic figures on British telly, before you signed the contract? So, after all the long wait to see Doctor Who on the box again, after all the fanfare and the build-up, after all the "Rubber Chicken Circuit" interviews Ecclestone gave on every radio and TV station in the feckin' country, over the past few weeks, saying how proud he was of this new series, he’s jacked it in after a handful of episodes. Nice one Chris! That’s really going to help revive the series again isn’t it?

Is this what Doctor Who’s going to become now -one of those awful celebrity vehicles for 'Luvvies' who fancy a quick bathe in the limelight before going onto other things?

"I’m a Timelord -Get me out of here!"

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