31 May 2005
Put on Your Sunglasses. Someone's Bleeding!
“There's nothing redder than theatrical blood”

Inspector Morse is on the the telly last night and I’ve got half an eye on it while doing some bilge on the computer. A Devil-worshipping 'Baddy' has kidnapped a woman and Morse and Lewis are in her house gazing solemnly upon her kitchen walls where the miscreant has daubed some Satanic runes. They also come across a note from the kidnapper, smeared on a sheet of paper. Both the runes on the wall and the writing on the note appear to have been written in flourescent red oil-paint.

"Blood" announces Morse grimly.

Really? You see the last time I was unfortunate enough to bleed on a piece of paper or brush my injured carcass against a wall, one of the things I couldn’t help noticing was that within a minute or two -once the blood had dried- the marks had turned a dark brown colour which, as the hours passed, proceeded to darken until it was a dark purple -almost black. Only in the world of the silver screen does blood maintain a constant dazzling Fire Engine Red hue, from the moment it first spurts garishly from the poor victim’s veins until the end credits roll.


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