09 Jun 2005
Whither Lembit Opik?
“Television's Latest 'Opinions-for-Hire”

Imagine my horror when I tuned into a 'talking heads' type programme on Radio 5 [AKA "Radio PC"] this morning to find that Liberal Democrat MP for Montgomeryshire, Lembit Opik, was not amongst the panel of guests, offering his Rent-an-opinion on anything from Asteroids to …​er…​ Zoomorphism, in that ever-so-slightly camp sounding Norn Iron accent of his.

You hear a lot on the news about shake-ups in the management of the major broadcasting organisations these days, so I fervently hope that some clipboard sucking loon somewhere hasn’t suddenly taken it upon himself to wonder, "What has this cunt actually done, apart from prattle on incessantly in the House of Commons about the dangers of meteors striking the earth -and bang Sian Lloyd, the TV weather girl- that we seemingly have to invite him onto absolutely every mediocre talking shop and discussion panel broadcast anywhere in the UK, like some latter day Germaine-fucking-Greer?"

Oh - wait a minute! here he is on BBCTV on The Daily Politics With Andrew Neill giving his opinions on…​ What is it today?…​. Oh!…​ "Credit Card Debt". Well, thank God for that!


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