What's My Bloody Problem?
“The inane over-use of the word 'Solutions'”

Am I the only one becoming teeth-grindingly irritated by the constant [and meaningless] overuse of the word “Solution” in regard to all things corporate and industrial nowadays?

This ‘disease’ is doubtless common throughout the business world, but I especially notice its sweaty-palmed prevalence in the area I work; computers and the internet. Software companies no longer sell Applications; they produce “Business Solutions”. ISPs have given up renting webspace and instead offer “Hosting Solutions”. I can use peripheral devices with my Mac via a plethora of “Connectivity Solutions” [Jeez! -and I thought they were just fucking ‘Cables’!] In fact it’s almost impossible to visit a corporate website or that of a computer hardware or software manufacturer without coming across a “Solution” for this, that and the other.

I don’t know what pisses me off the most; the constant, unthinking, lazy use of a meaningless corporate ‘buzzword’ in place of ‘real’ language that actually means something, or the fact that these companies and manufacturers seem to be telling me my life is a continual series of problems which I’m too fuckwitted and weak to overcome myself, without recourse to one or other of their poxy products.

It makes me feel like donning a nice pair of steel-toecapped “Kicking Solutions” and paying their advertising departments a visit.

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