16 Feb 2006
Sign Off
“The idiocy of 'signers' superimposed on TV movies”

What the hell where the sandal-wearing PC correct brigade at ITV thinking of, when they came up with the ludicrous idea of sticking "signers" on some of their late night movies?

Now, I’m as much in favour of equal access rights for the disabled as the next guy, but why do I have to suffer what looks like a small Gnome with St. Vitus Dance threshing about in the corner of the screen while I’m trying to watch a movie. I bet even the deaf find it fucking irritating. What’s wrong with subtitles for God’s sake? They’re an age-old, tried, tested and what’s more, unobtrusive solution to the problem of watching a movie where [for whatever reason] you can’t follow the dialogue.

signer tm

I’m sure sign language is a wonderful communication tool when speaking face to face with a deaf person, but that doesn’t make it the logical [or even remotely sane!] choice for giving the deaf improved access to television movies -anymore than having some bloke screeching a simultaneous translation in your ear, would enhance the enjoyment of opera for non-Italian speakers.

The other thing that irritates me is that ITV don’t see fit to warn you in their TV listings that these films are signed. So on a couple of occasions I’ve settled down to watch, what I think is going to be a good movie, only to nearly put my boot through the fucking screen when that windmill-armed cunt suddenly appears, leaping round in the corner and blocking my view of what’s going on!


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