25 Apr 2006
The Most Pointless Tickbox of All Time
“Why can't eBay keep me logged in?”

Why do eBay even bother to have that "Keep Me Signed In…​" tickbox on the login screen for their website? It doesn’t work. It never has worked and -although I keep ticking it every time I login, just on the off-chance they’ve finally fixed the damned thing- it probably never will work!


Seeing as I have to spend so much of my time on eBay, hanging around the login screen, I think they should at least make that area of the site a bit more hospitable and ambient. Perhaps a few magazines lying about?…​ or maybe some piped music? How’s about a bit of Marc Almond?…​

We’ve been involved
For quite a while now
And to keep you secret has been Hell.
We’re strangers meeting for the first time, okay?
Just smile and say 'Hello'
Say 'Hello' then wave goodbye


TAGS: tickboxloginremember meebay


AUTHOR: stíobhart matulevicz

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