The Most Pointless Tickbox of All Time
“Why can't eBay keep me logged in?”

Why do eBay even bother to have that “Keep Me Signed In…” tickbox on the login screen for their website? It doesn’t work. It never has worked and -although I keep ticking it every time I login, just on the off-chance they’ve finally fixed the damned thing- it probably never will work!

Seeing as I have to spend so much of my time on eBay, hanging around the login screen, I think they should at least make that area of the site a bit more hospitable and ambient. Perhaps a few magazines lying about?… or maybe some piped music? How’s about a bit of Marc Almond?…

We’ve been involved
For quite a while now
And to keep you secret has been Hell.
We’re strangers meeting for the first time, okay?
Just smile and say ‘Hello’
Say ‘Hello’ then wave goodbye

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