You Get Under My Skin
“Another classic song is dunked in shit”

I DO find it irritating!

I thought I was well used to cunt-stick advertising executives shamelessly ripping off every classic scene in every classic movie ever made and I thought I’d steeled myself against the never-ending cheapening of classic Rock’n’Roll songs by their unwelcome association with some tawdry consumer product or other, but I never thought I’d witness the unadulterated Sacrilege I saw on the box the other day!

Vodafone are only using my all-time favourite Punkrock classic tune - “Another Girl Another Planet” - by The Only Ones to try and flog their stinking mobile phone network. So look out for said perfect pop song to subsequently feature on some revolting “Now That’s What I Call Scally Shite - Volume 47” album and be heard up and down the land, pumping from Ford Fiestas sporting tinted windows and ridiculous spoilers. Seriously - I’ve seen “Jihad” declared for lesser blasphemies!

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