04 Aug 2006
Let's Paint the Town... Er...
“Royal Mail apparently owns 'The Colour Red'”

Phew! -Had to be careful I didnae infringe any copyrights there!

Like most households in the UK I wasnae surprised to receive this leaflet earlier in the week, wherein Royal Mail dress up their latest price increases as some kind of "modernisation" of the mail handling system. What I did find somewhat more startling tho' was when I saw that, according to the small print on the back of the leaflet, the Royal Mail have apparently registered "The Colour Red" as a trademark.

The sneaky bastards! - I mean you could maybe see a case for them trademarking the colour "Pillarbox Red" [even tho' that would mean I’d have to start buying a different colour hair dye!] - but taking out a copyright on what amounts to about a third of the entire colour spectrum is downright greedy, if you ask me


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