Revenge of the Clipart People
“Don't let her get me!”

Jeesuz h. Motherfuck! - I’ve railed long and hard in the past about the mindfuckingly irritating habit megacorporations have of sticking some vacant clipart bimboon their marketing material [Usually bundled in an envelope with a letter telling you they’re going to sue the pants off you for the handful of sheckels you owe them], but never in the history of Politically Correct Clipart-Sucking Loonery have I been greeted with as monstrous a sight as this hugely grinning apparition, which greeted me when I attempted to access my account details on Virgin Mobile’s site this morning.

Is the sight of this face, which seems to consist of about 90% mouth and teeth and appears to have been photographed, caught in the headlamps of an approaching juggernaut meant to arouse me?… Meant to make me feel relaxed and happy at the thought of giving oul’ Richard Branston Pickle some more of my money?… Coz it doesn’t. All it does is cause me to make typing errors while filling in my login details far too quickly, in a desperate attempt to get onto the next page before the bitch leaps out of the computer screen and bites my face off with a single snap of those ferocious dentures!

Enough already!

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