Playing With the Wrapping Paper
“The utter futility of 'Big Screen' television”

The past few years have seen a veritable explosion in televisual technology; the clunky VHS tape has given way to DVD and the old Cathode Ray Tube is on its way out, making way for wardrobe sized Flat Panel Displays and HDTV. And yet, with all these great leaps forward in the delivery and storage of our media, what in the way of actual content are these devices being used to display?

It used to be a standing joke that young children would spend more time on Christmas morning playing with the boxes and wrapping paper their presents came in, than with the actual toys themselves. I cannae help but think that the current batch of TV technology is helping to carry on this fine tradition into adulthood; You might as well get as much enjoyment out of the packaging as you can, because the content is going to be bitterly disappointing.

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