The Tao of Tattoos
“A guide to the world of mass-produced tattooos”

Back in the good old days, it was mostly life’s misfits; the Rockers, the Bikers, the Punks and old Teddy Boys and ex-servicemen who sported a proliferation of tattoos. Nowadays however, it seems you’d be making more of a statement and cocking more of a snook at the world if you chose not to ‘get ink done’. So in that bitter and twisted mood that comes upon me when I see normal society encroaching on what used to be weirdo territory, I present my ‘Tao of Tattoos’. May it serve as a useful guide for all our childrens’ children!…

TWAT: Ooh! - I love that Robbie Williams me! Have you seen all his tattoos and designer stubble. He’s so Rock’n’Roll, I bet he never ever minced around like a rent boy in a really camp boy band!

NON TWAT: Robbie Williams?! - That cunt’s about as alternative as a Tribal Tattoo!

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