Set Up Tracking for Your Blog
“How to Add Google Analytics to Your Blog / Website”

In ten… Oh, alright then eleven simple steps.

One of the lesser known goodies that you gain access to, when you sign up for a Google account is Google Analytics - a service which lets you track visitors to your blog and view lots of interesting geeky detail about them, such as where in the world they surfed in from, what browser they used and the ego-bruising bottom line; ‘How many people are actually reading this crap?’ Anyway, for you stat-junkies out there, heres how to add Google Analytics to your blog:

Scroll right down to the bottom of the template’s HTML and paste [Apple+V] the code you previously copied from Google Analytics just before the </body> tag. It’s OK to hit RETURN a few times to make a bit of room [HTML isnae bothered about empty whitespace] but, if you do so, make sure to insert the extra space on an empty line - don’t split an HTML code tag or you’ll knacker your page layout. Remember to save the changes to your template after inserting the analytics code.

[It might also be a good idea to PREVIEW before saving the changes and make sure your blog looks OK, just in case you’ve messed something up]

Beside the name of your blog you’ll see a panel reading ‘Tracking Code Not Verified’. Click on the CHECK STATUS link below this and Google Analytics will check that the previously supplied code has in fact been embedded in your blog.

Geek-tastic, eh?

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