They've Made You a Moron
“John Lydon's sell-out plumbs new depths”

Former ‘Coolest Man on the Planet’ John Lydon’s descent into ‘Z-lebrity’ twattishness sinks to new depths, as he ‘stars’ in this cringe-making advert for Country Life butter, currently airing on British television.

Perhaps it wouldnae be quite so excruciatingly embarrassing if the increasingly hypocritical cunt didnae keep turning up every five minutes on documentaries about Punk Rock - slagging off everyone else in the known universe, including most of the people who helped him get where he was in the first place, and trying to make out that he was the only one who ever meant it and never sold out.

You’re a sad bastard now Johnny. Fuck off and die while you’ve still got a gram of credibility left!

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