Bandwaggon Jumping
“I'm Going to Have a Go at The Sketchbook Project”

Thanks to Karl tipping me the wink about this one via his blog post, I have also jumped upon The Sketchbook Project bandwaggon. Mine arrived yesterday, all the way from “Murka” - woohoo!

After the inevitable ”$25 for this flimsy piece of crap!… and is it even a real Moleskine?” outburst, upon opening the envelope, I got down to the maths; forty pages in the sketchbook to fill –or eighty if you want to be insane and work both sides of the paper– and two months, almost to the day, until the 15 January deadline for posting it back.  I make that near-as-dammit 23 of a sketch, every day between now and the deadline.

It’s a tall order, but I’m going to give it a go.  Wish me kuck, kids.  I’m going in!

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