17 Nov 2010
Bandwaggon Jumping
“I'm Going to Have a Go at The Sketchbook Project”

Thanks to Karl tipping me the wink about this one via his blog post, I have also jumped upon The Sketchbook Project bandwaggon. Mine arrived yesterday, all the way from “Murka” - woohoo!


After the inevitable "$25 for this flimsy piece of crap!…​ and is it even a real Moleskine?" outburst, upon opening the envelope, I got down to the maths; forty pages in the sketchbook to fill --or eighty if you want to be insane and work both sides of the paper-- and two months, almost to the day, until the 15 January deadline for posting it back. I make that near-as-dammit 2/3 of a sketch, every day between now and the deadline.

It’s a tall order, but I’m going to give it a go. Wish me kuck, kids. I’m going in!


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