Perchance Bēhance Will Enhance
“Introducing Behance”

…Your prospects of finding work.

I got quite excited this morning when I got an email which, on first glance, seemed to suggest that Beyoncé wanted me to join her. But when I re-read it, it turned out to be from a website called Bēhance, inviting me to create an online portfolio on their site.

Living the sheltered existence I do, i’d never heard of Bēhance before today, but a quick look around the site suggests it’s kind of like LinkedIn for ‘24 Hour Arty’ people; You can put your portfolio online, pimp for work and connect with other like-minded individuals for fun evenings in, sitting round a roaring fire, talking about your favourite brand of oil pastels.

…er… or something like that.

Anyway, I’ve yet to explore further, but first impressions suggest that Bēhance might be a nice addition to your online presence; Tumblr for your half-baked thoughts and opinions and to showcase your work in progress,  and then Bēhance to show off the finished masterpieces.

You can apply for an invitation here

My Bēhance portfolio [currently emptier than a FE student’s sketchbook] will be flourishing here.

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