17 Dec 2010
It's Official - We Rock!
“Pats on the Back All Round from some of my Ex-Students”

It was nice to see so many students, both past and present out for our little soirée at Jabez Clegg last night and also nice [albeit quite blush inducing] to have so many of our former students come up to Alex, Griff and myself and tell us that --since they’ve moved onwards and upwards to 3rd years on degree courses at ‘proper’ universities-- they’ve retrospectively begun to really appreciate just how good the teaching they’d received from us had been.

At least two or three of these former students lamented the fact that we are currently unable to offer a third year ourselves and told us that, knowing what they do now about their university third years, they’d have jumped at the chance to stay with us instead -if that had been an option.

One former student said to me "We always felt that you three cared about our work and wanted us to learn to develop as designers. At uni they just want you do do what they tell you to do and they don’t give a shit about your own ideas"

In these times when colleges and universities are increasingly measuring the worth of a tutor almost exclusively by his ability to complete paperwork to order and on time, it’s heart-warming to occasionally be reminded, by the people who matter, that you are actually good at your job, after all!


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