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“REVIEW: Tada List”

Whilst pondering the ever-increasing list of things I want to get done this weekend [ever-increasing because each weekend it is supplemented with the things on last weekend’s list, which I didnae get done], I came across the following website:

Ta-da List

Wherein you can create simple todo lists, fill them with things to do and then triumphantly tick them off as you achieve them: 

[BTW - Herman is my van, in case you were thinking I was planning to throw emulsion over an innocent member of the public]

The nice thing about Ta-da List is that the site has been designed to play well on iPhone, so you can create, edit, view your todo lists on either your comp or your phone:

Now –did ye know that, if you click on the the plus button [circled] at the bottom of any webpage on your iPhone, you can choose to add an icon for that page to your iPhone’s home screen [obviously it’s only worth doing this if the webpage in question has been designed to function as a webapp on the iPhone, which is the case here]:

Hey Presto! –a fully functional todo list, which syncs between your Mac and your iPhone and is instantly accessible on your phone, via an icon on your home screen –just like any other app:

and the best bit of all… total cost = £ZERO

Now I can add a “Find a good to-do list creation app” to one of my todo lists and tick it off. Then spend the rest of my weekend doing bugger all else but basking in the transitory sense of achievement this will give me.


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