“Scanning Old Sketchbooks for Upload to Behance”

ie. ‘Repetitive Scanning Injury’.

Well, a couple of months after signing up for Beyoncé Behance, I thought it was about time I got off my arse and actually stuck something on there. So, where better to start than the drawer full of old sketchbooks I’ve been meaning to sort out for so long?

And, after nearly two days spent scanning, cropping adjusting and uploading, I’ve now got ten of said sketchbooks digitised and added to my Behance profile page:

Most of them are old college sketchbooks, dating back to when I was on the ND Audio-Visual Design and HND Multimedia courses at this ‘ere very establishment, way back in the early nineties, when _The Manchester College was still City College Manchester and the boy matulevicz was still firm of fetlock and luxuriant of hair.

So, next time you’re bemoaning the fact that we keep making you draw eternally in those damned sketchbooks, when all you want to do is play on the Macs, remember we had to go through the same thing too, when we were stoo-dents!

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