Put a Shilling in the Meter, Tumblr!
“Introducing the Tumblr Bollox Pollock”

I’ve posted about it before and, no doubt I’ll do so again; I wish to feck Tumblr would bloody sort out their servers, so they’d actually make some token attempt at handling the traffic that the site attracts!

It’s doing my head in! –and today is even worse than usual.  I’m currently averaging about four attempts for each page, before I can get the damned things to load.  What makes it even more annoying is that Tumblr seem to do bugger all to address this issue.  Here’s an article I found, dating back to the turn of the year, which compares the reliability of various blogging platforms. Just look how dire Tumblr’s reliability is, compared to the rest of the gang:

Sort it out, Tumblr!

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