21 Apr 2011
Every One's a Loser
“The Coalescence of All My Ultimate Annoying Buzzwords in One”

I like to think I’m a pretty broad-minded individual. But, for the sake of humanity, some things just shouldnae be allowed:

  • I hate the use of “IT” as an umbrella term to cover anything remotely connected with using a computer
  • I positively loathe the use of the meaningless buzzword “Solutions”, so prevalent in business at the moment
  • I find the use of underscores instead of spaces really irritating and ‘Windozey’
  • And I’d bring back the death penalty for annoying twats who say “K” instead of 'thousand'.

So top marks to whoever this eBay seller is, for managing to come up with a business name which actually seems designed to combine the most irritation for me in the smallest possible space:


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AUTHOR: stíobhart matulevicz

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