Digitisation Across the Nation
“The Sketchbook Project. I'm Digitised and Online!”

As I’ve mentioned previously, I participated in The Sketchbook Project last year and, in true student fashion, failed miserably to complete mine in the allotted time –although, in my defence, I did only hear about the project about a month or so before the deadline.

Anyway, at the time I entered the project, I stumped up the extra twenty greenbacks to have my sketchbook digitised. As the months zipped past from last year’s submission date, I alternated between forgetting all about it and thinking I’d been ripped off, when visits to the project website eternally promised that ‘digitisation of submissions’ was under way, without providing much in the way of evidence for this.

Well, this morning I got an email to tell me that my sketchbook has now been digitised and is online at the following URL:


Woohoo! - does this mean I can now call myself a ‘published author’?

I was relieved to see that, although my sketchbook was a half-arsed travesty of an effort, it wasnae quite as risible as I’d remembered it.

So, fired up with enthusiasm now, I’m off to order my sketchbook for this year’s Sketchbook Project –and will hopefully make a better fist of it this time.

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