13 Nov 2011
Charlie and the Pickelhaube of Doom
“Some Rough Initial Character Sketches”

After they got fed up with me hanging about looking dejected, because I wasnae allowed to play with plasticene too, my 2nd year Animation students took pity on me and said they’d allow me to design one of the characters for our forthcoming `"Project Innocence`" stop-frame animation.

Presumably because they’ve already seen the state of my drawing and modelling skills, I was given the job of designing and building Charlie, brother of the main protagonist, who spends most of his brief appearance in the film clad in an old army greatcoat and German Pickelhaube helmet [war relics, belonging to his granda], so that not much of him is visible, apart from his chin.

Luckily, I specialised in Chin Design at Art College, so I feel confident I can meet the demands of the brief. Here are a couple of early scribbles to get the ball rolling:


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