13 Nov 2011
Project Innocence
“Project Innocence --Class Stop-Frame Project”

Since I’m looking forward, in the next few weeks, to bollocking those of my students who’ve not bothered to post anything to their PDP blogs, since the current term began, I thought I’d better get my arse in gear myself, lest some barrack-room lawyer pipe up with a, "Please stop hitting me with that length of two-by-four dear tutor for, in our indolence, we were only emulating your good self!"

So, here come a couple of posts from the “Leading by Example” school of lecturing:

Project Innocence, is the working title we’ve given to a stop-frame animation film, which I’ll be making during the course of this academic year with a select band of my 2nd year animation students. By "I’ll be making with…​", I mean, "They’ll be making…​ while I stand around. pointing at things and generally getting in the way"

Project Innocence is a story of a young girl, Innocence who, whilst staying at her granny and granda’s house, along with her brother Charlie, accidentally unleashes havok when she innocently [pun intended] begins playing with some old Voodoo dolls, which she stumbles across in the attic.

Here’s a wee ‘mood-boardy’ type doodle from my sketchbook, which I scribbled up after one of our early production meetings, where we’d thrashed out the bare-bones of storyline and setting.


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