18 Nov 2011
Stop-Frame Genius in Action
“Nice Time-Lapse Footage of Barry Purves Animating Tchaikovsky Figure”

I saw this video a month or two back and forgot to book mark it and had absolutely no luck since in finding it because:

A: I couldnae remember who it was about

B: I couldnae remember the name of the film.

Thanks to a casual comment by Rob [AKA “Big Tough Gully”] in one of his posts yesterday, I finally remembered that it was

A: Barry Purves

B: Tchaikovsky

Really clever on two levels; Firstly, you get to see the master, Barry Purves in action and secondly, it’s a stop-frame within a time lapse, which is judged just right to give the effect that the stop-frame model is moving at normal speed. Very clever indeed. I only wish it was a bit longer.


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