01 Jan 2012
Remembrance of Posts Past
“Pictorial --Again!”

I’ve been racking my brain for a week or two now, trying to remember the name, web address [anything!] of a site I came across a while back, whereby you sign up with them as an illustrator and [subject to being accepted] you get to illustrate eBooks for iPad, from a selection they sell on iTunes. I thought it might be of interest to Vanessa in particular, but also to some of the rest of you, who enjoy a bit of illustration, on the sly.

Anyway, purely by chance, I came across the link to the site in an old post on this very self-same blog. I knew I’d mentioned it before somewhere!

So, here it is: Pictorical


1: The above link takes you to the signup page and includes a referral code from me [They say you’ll get accepted quicker, if you refer other people].

2: I’ve had no dealings with Pictorical at all, other than signing up myself. So read the small print and make sure you know what the deal is, before committing yourself to any work. This post is just to flag up Pictorical’s existence. It is not an endorsement.


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