07 Jan 2012
Have You Made Your 250 Contributions to World Culture Today?
“Tumblr: You Don't Have to be a Moron to [Re-] Post Here --But it Helps!”


Tumblr Post limit:

Okay so it’s 250. I guess that’s like a lot of posts in one day. But as someone who used to spend like a whole day on Tumblr because I had nothing else to do and posted 300+ posts (not every day, on rare occasions), I have posted more than 250 posts in one day many times.


I stumbled across this post, whilst trying to search the Tumblr API for a way to limit members of a shared blog to a certain number of posts per day.

WTF! --All these people crying, complaining and petitioning because Tumblr limits you to a ‘mere’ 250 posts per day.

Why don’t you actually try and, you know, create something for yourselves, you fucking retards --instead of just sitting there, compulsively clicking “Reblog” on every picture of a cat supposedly doing something amusing, or of some bint with her norks out --that causes a momentary flicker of interest to pass through your vacant skulls?

Jeebus! --anyone fancy starting a counter-petition to ask Tumblr to lower the daily post limit to single figures? That might do something to address the signal-to-noise ratio around here.


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