Floor Plan
“Building a Small Stage for Stop-Motion”

More work done on the set for Project Innocence, this Monday.

At the weekend, for the good of the team, I put myself through the soul-destroying hell that is a visit to B&Q. After being harangued by Alan bloody Titmarsh on loop tape in the garden department, searching in vain for the right sized wood and then futilely trying to find a price on the not-quite-right sized wood, which was all they had —I emerged broken but unbowed and loaded up my van with some timber and hardboard sheets.

On Monday afternoon, me and Stefan got to work, laying down some more cross-pieces and staple-gunning on the hardboard for the floor and rear wall. As you can see, the hardboard was just annoyingly too small for the stage frame, so we had to improvise a bit.

Next job will be the side walls, which will take some more imaginative botching. Here is Stefan doing all the work, while I stride up and down, bawling contradictory instructions and signing the occasional autograph for passing fans of slipshod carpentry.

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