06 Mar 2012
Floor Plan
“Building a Small Stage for Stop-Motion”

More work done on the set for Project Innocence, this Monday.

At the weekend, for the good of the team, I put myself through the soul-destroying hell that is a visit to B&Q. After being harangued by Alan bloody Titmarsh on loop tape in the garden department, searching in vain for the right sized wood and then futilely trying to find a price on the not-quite-right sized wood, which was all they had --I emerged broken but unbowed and loaded up my van with some timber and hardboard sheets.

On Monday afternoon, me and Stefan got to work, laying down some more cross-pieces and staple-gunning on the hardboard for the floor and rear wall. As you can see, the hardboard was just annoyingly too small for the stage frame, so we had to improvise a bit.

Next job will be the side walls, which will take some more imaginative botching. Here is Stefan doing all the work, while I stride up and down, bawling contradictory instructions and signing the occasional autograph for passing fans of slipshod carpentry.


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