Another Hefty Scroodl Roundup –Part 01
“Another Hefty Scroodl Roundup –Part 01”

I’ve been neglecting my increasingly froth-lipped scroodl repostings of late and I have so many accumulated in the reserve stash that, when I tried to upload them all at once, all smoke started coming out of Tumblr and a man shouted “Hey, you! Stop that, or you’ll break the internet!”

Anyway, here’s the first batch. these were originally posted on scroodl between 14th and 23rd April.

As ever, top British secret agent Colonel Wanderbury features quite prominently, fighting his ongoing valiant rearguard action against the despicable Baron von Brücken-Stempfl and his invading hordes of Nazi triffids.

Fans of middle-aged men in lingerie will be relieved to hear that Wanderbury’s propensity for somehow ending up in a bra, against his will, continues.


The mighty scroodl challenge; pick a start date and then aim to create and upload a hand-drawn piece of art, every day for the next 365 days –or a “year”, as it’s sometimes also called!

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