Another Hefty Scroodl Roundup –Part 02
“Another Hefty Scroodl Roundup –Part 02”

Here’s the next batch in ‘Operation  scroodl Catchup. This lot takes us from 24th April to 07th May. 

Now the smart boys and girls amongst you will have noticed that there are less scroodls here than there are days between those two dates.

“What has happened?…” I hear you cry, with your stupid faces twisted in confusion “Has our hero and role model failed in his challenge of doing a doodle every day for a year?”

Well, dear hearts, you can put that notion right out of your heads! YH&RM has not fallen on his idiotic face a mere four months into the race. He has, however, been on holiday, towards the end of April during which time a strange phenomenon was observed, whereby the more he drank, the more piss-poor his scroodls became.

So, it is in order to save your delicate sensibilities from having to witness such risible scratchings, that I’ve chosen to filter out a couple of the most cac-handed ones. Given the quality of what remains, I’ll leave it up to your imaginations to contemplate how wank the ones which were culled must have been!


The mighty scroodl challenge; pick a start date and then aim to create and upload a hand-drawn piece of art, every day for the next 365 days –or a “year”, as it’s sometimes also called!

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