02 Jan 2013
Shameless Pluggage.
“Plugging Scroodl 2013”

Hey you! -yes, you over there with the stupid face!

Isn’t it about time you did something constructive with your life, instead of sitting there, picking your nose and writing “LOL” and “ROFL” on FacePuke all day?

Well now, thanks to the miraculous properties of the scroodl challenge, you can!

The scroodl challenge involves committing yourself to doing some kind of a doodle and uploading it to the scroodl website, every day for a whole year. This year the challenge is even easier than last year, as 2012 was a leap year, so the poor fuckwitts plucky competitors who decided to take part then had to manage 366 doodles in a row. You’d only have to do a piffling 365 to complete the challenge this time!


Scientific research has shown that successfully completing the scroodl challenge makes you stronger, taller and more sexually attractive. It also increases your chances of finding a big suitcase full of cash or drugs, just lying in a back alleyway by up to 43%!

So, what are you waiting for? --Just head over to http://scroodl.tumblr.com/ask and fill in the contact form, with your name and email address and I’ll add you to this year’s starting line-up.


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