13 May 2013
Size Is Everything
“The Tiniest Animations Ever”

Funnily enough, only a couple of weeks ago, I was on the Aardman website, looking at their self-proclaimed World’s Smallest Animation, which was made using a microscope attachment on a smartphone camera.

This is a tiny animation

Pretty teeny-weeny stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree. But it seems that the world of animation is no more a stranger to the unstoppable march towards miniaturisation than the rest of the world of gadgetry. And so it was that last week, I came across an animation so tiny that it would fit eleventy-billion times over into the Aardman one above. For boffins at IBM have put together a stop-frame animation using individual molecules of carbon dioxide

You call that a tiny animation? THIS is a tiny animation!

Pretty whacky, eh? --but don’t you lot be getting any ideas…​

"`My animation was 640 x 480 molecules wide and I’ve lost it!`" won’t wash as a valid reason for non submission, I’m afraid.

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