04 Jul 2013
So Long and Thanks for All the Wish... Es
“Adíós to Another Year of Students”

Just running through the last few exit tutorials this week, before all my lovely second years are freed from my loving stranglehold and released into the big bad world. We’ve had some laughs and tears and fights over the past two years, but hopefully, for most of you, it was worthwhile in the end.

If I wasn’t so wizened, gruff and cynical I might have allowed myself a poignant sniffle, reading the nice farewell messages on the card you wee divil’s got for me.


Seriously though. Thanks all. I do appreciate it. It’s good to know that, whatever certain managers think about my ability to do my job properly [which usually seems to revolve around the ability to suck some fucking Excel spreadsheet into the correct format], at least the people whose opinion I actually care about seem to think I’m muddling by OK.

All the best out there in The Real World. Good luck with the rest of your lives and remember, as the Rolling Stones told us:

"You can’t always get what you want
But if you try, sometimes
You just might find
You get what you need`"


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