06 Jul 2013
Them's Good Broth Turned 3 Today
“Happy Birthday, Them's Good Broth!”

Who’da thunk it, eh?

I started this blog, so I could “lead by example” when banging on to my students about how important it was to maintain an online presence. And now, a mere three years later, I have a readership measured in the millions, my wise words have brought an end to war and poverty and --with the enormous sums I earn from a continual round of public appearances-- I’ve been able to retire to this sun-kissed tropical island, where I spend my days snorting cocaine from the belly-buttons of dusky maidens, swilling Guinness by the gallon and living on kebabs [with extra chilis] flown in specially from Abdul’s in Manchester by private jet. Those days spent in that dead end teaching job but a distant memor…​

Oh, wait!…​

[BTW. This ‘birthday’ post was Tumblr’s naff idea --not mine!]


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