25 Sep 2013
Grid Drawing
“Grid Drawing Exercise”

Today, as part of our campaign to allow us all to continue producing artwork after The Apocalypse comes and reduces all the computers, scanners and printers to smoking heaps of melted plastic, we set the students the task of magnifying a photograph through Grid Drawing:

Overlay an acetate sheet with a grid ruled onto it on top of a photograph and then copy the content of the grid to a larger grid ruled on a sheet of drawing paper --thus reproducing the photograph at an enlarged size. All the convenience of a scanner and photocopier with none of those pesky energy or financial outlay requirements…​ although admittedly the scanner / photocopier combo might just have the edge for speed of operation.


Here’s one I prepared earlier. I found this grid drawing from last year, while gathering this stuff together.



Today’s effort. No idea who this guy is, but he’s got a pipe, a beard and an annoyingly weird shadow on the tip of his nose, which threatened to completely bugger up my drawing.


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