My Dream Course
“Book Cover Illustration Exercise: My Dream Course”

This idea was shamelessly lifted from the always inspirational Doodlers Anonymous website [you didn’t really think we make all this stuff up ourselves, do you?]

A bit like the concept behind the aforementioned Sardinhas project, the idea is that you take a blank template of a book cover and then turn it into the cover of a textbook describing your ideal ‘school’ subject. Eschewing my natural inclinations to depict the cover of “Advanced Kebab & Guinness Consumption Studies”, I instead decided to throw together a cover for my second favourite academic subject of all time; the noble art of walrus juggling, as practised down through the generations by the sea-faring members of my family.



Albeit that this was a bit of a throwaway don’t-take-it-seriously task, the really bad perspective in the template drawing of the book did annoy me when trying to put the text along the spine. Hence the fact that I ended up spreading my doodling outside of the book itself to fill the whole page –primarily so I could try and obscure the shoddy perspective.

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