“Fuck you Tumblr and Fuck Your Fucking Animated GIFs!”

[Apologies: For the purposes of illustrating a point, this post contains projectile vomit of a visual nature]

What in the name of anal ballbags is it with Tumblr and Tumblr users and animated-fucking-gifs?

As if it wasn’t bad enough that every time I log into the site I have to scroll past at least three or four putrid blinking, flashing pieces of this digital excrement which people have seen fit to embed in their posts, it now seems that Tumblr have taken to vomiting them into the sidebar as well. I mean, look at this fucking monstrosity, which is flickering and flashing away in a never-ending epilepsy-inducing loop right beside the text entry box, as I try and write this post:

What is the point of this shite? What did its creator hope to achieve by throwing this virtual hydrochloric acid into the eyes of the public? If his/her intention was to provoke a psychotic killing rage in the viewers that makes them want to wrap a piece of two-by-four around said ‘artist’s’ head, then it’s succeeding beyond its creator’s wildest dreams. If it’s meant to be a noteworthy example of ‘art’ or is supposed to entertain in some form, then the world is even more culturally barren than I feared.

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