30 Jun 2014
Introducing Project Mini-Me.
“Introducing Project Mini-Me”

Wherein our humble author attempts to recreate a caricature of himself through the medium of silicone.


If all goes according to plan with regard to our equipment requests for next year, we should [amongst other things] be getting some new materials to work with for the Character Design unit and doing a bit of silicone casting.

Now, back in the black’n’white days when I was a young jackanapes at art college and subsequently a slightly older jackanapes working in design, things like casting silicone were a futuristic pipe-dream, like hover cars and self-removing trousers. If we wanted to make a model, we had to bloody well carve it out of pig manure with our bare teeth.

So, in the finest traditions of 'trying to look like you know what the fuck you’re talking about, while teaching', I thought I’d better run a bit of silicone casting practice up the old flagpole and see if anyone saluted. Hence “Operation Mini-Me”, an audacious plan to create and cast in silicone an animation puppet of everyone’s favourite jug-eared Irish half-wit…​ me!

So pull up a chair and a bag of popcorn and let’s see how this goes…​.

[BTW-the picture at the top has bugger all to do with this , but I thought I’d better stick something visual in there to lighten up my turgid prose.]

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