11 Nov 2014
Katie Price Literary Review Centre
“A Private Joke Goes Public”

I know you should never share a private joke --it won’t mean anything to anyone else. But, what the Hell. I’ve been slaving over a hot WordPress installation for nearly the past week and I’m determined to receive the adulation I deserve, for my tireless devotion to satire so subtle you could cut it with a knife [Does that even make sense?]

Meet the Katie Price Literary Review Centre

NO-ONE AT ALL: Ooh. Do tell. What’s it all about then?

ME: In a pub we frequent in Whitby [where I was last week], there were loads of books on the window sills that you could help yourself to, if you put 50p in the charity box. One of said tomes was a novel by KAtie Price, AKA 'Jordan', AKA 'Orange Tits'. One of my mates thought it a hilarious jape to purchase said book for me, insisted on leaving it in full view on the table beside me all night and furthermore made sure I didn’t "forget" it at home time. He also said he wanted a full report on what the story was about --to prove I had actually read it. Hence this WordPress-based riposte to his sneaky challenge.

Be careful what you wish for, Nick!

NO-ONE AT ALL: Wow! That was really interesting. I’m glad you shared that with us!

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