01 Jan 2015
Nostradamus Corner 2015
“The shape of things to... er... fail to turn up”

Well, my lovelies. Here we are again. I’ve been gazing in wonderment at my ball all morning, I’ve swirled the tea leaves round like a feckin' Catherine Wheel and the chicken entrails are steaming away nicely. It’s time to visit that Twilight Zone-esque corner of space and time known as "Nostradamus Corner", wherein I veritably sweep aside the curtain of the present and peer myopically into the future, to see what 2015 has in store for us all:

  1. Philae will sadly fail to wake from his winter nap as comet 67/P approaches nearer the sun.
  2. The price of Bitcoin will continue to fall and will finish the year 2015 at under €150 .
  3. A high profile member of the royal family will snuff it.
  4. Scientists will find a cure for Ebola.
  5. One of NASA’s Mars Rovers [more likely Opportunity than Curiosity] will find evidence of primitive life.
  6. Another Eastern European country will see seperatist pro-Russian agitations similar to those in Ukraine.
  7. Leaked docs will reveal that missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 was shot down by the US.
  8. Islamic extremists will use a home made drone to deliver a bomb in London. Minor damage caused but Gov’t will clamp down on 'unauthorised' flying of drones.
  9. First fatal accident involving a self-driving car.
  10. Major health scare involving eCigarettes

Well, there you go. That’s what my waters tell me is going to happen in 2015. Remember to check back on 31st December to see how uncannily prescient I’ve been this year again!

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