14 Mar 2015
Happy Pi on Face Day!
“Happy Pi on Face Day! --AKA. Why Did My Maths Teacher Lie to Me?”

On my over-breakfast trawling of the intarwebs this morning, I am greeted almost universally with the news that today is "Happy Pi Day", owing to the propitious configuration of the numbers in the date spelling out the first six digits of that hallowed number.

Picture credit: Matt Groening [Obviously!]

I must say, I’m feeling somewhat irked by this news and would like to demand a belated apology from my old Maths teacher Mr. "Stinker" Stinson*, for deliberately misleading me all those years ago. For, believe it or not dear reader, the eejit taught us that:

Pi = 3,1415…​

No wonder my life subsequent has been blighted by problems --many resulting in death or serious injury-- directly and indirectly related to the inability to accurately gauge the circumference or area of circles.

For now I learn that, all along:

Pi = 1,40315…​

Thank you intarwebs, for once again increasing the sum total of my knowledge and making good the damage done by the Irish education system. I will calculate accordingly in future.

[*Yes, my Maths teacher at school really was called 'Stinker' Stinson. No, I wasn’t a pupil at Greyfriars!]

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