The Face-Shitting Continues
“Javascript Overlay Hall of Shame Revisited [WARNING: Image Heavy]”
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Since I posted previously about the epidemic of Javascript-fucking-Overlays polluting the intarwebs these days, the onslaught seems to have got even worse —if such a thing be possible!

In fact these ‘shits-in-your-face’ have become so omnipresent that, on a couple of occasions, I’ve actually found myself feeling mildly surprised when a site I’m reading HASN’T thrown this digital sputum in my stupid gob.

So here, before I finally abandon my ‘pissing-in-the-wind’ ranting about this phenomenum [on the grounds that no-one else seems to give a shit] is one last Hall of Shame, snapped now and then over the weeks intervening since last time. No names. No packdrill this time around. I can’t be arsed ploughing through this lot, trying to decipher what sites lie behind the ordure.

And, as ever, the minute this shite was smeared into my tender face, I immediately clicked off those websites and took my contribution to their web traffic elsewhere. So, well done webmasters, Great way to drive away [at least one of] your potential readership!

Let the Faeces Festival Begin!

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