16 Jul 2018
World Cup 2018 Cartoons
“Challenge: A Cartoon a Day for the World Cup”

In one of my habitual 'Moments of Madness' I resolved to draw a one-frame gag cartoon every day for the duration of the World Cup…​ well, every day there was a match!

Needless to say, after barely a week, this became a tedious chore. Not helped by the twin facts that:

  • A: I’m not interested in football, at all
  • B: I miscalculated the length of the tournament and thought it only lasted a fortnight

Still. In spite of these setbacks, I managed to complete the challenge. So here for your delight, delectation and apathy are my cartoons for every match day of the tournament. The couple on the sofa are based on me and the missus and some of the punchlines reference stuff that was going on in the news at the time and so will have stood the test of time about as well as beige polyester flares.

[It’s a slideshow. So click on the thumbnail and use your arrow keys to navigate —or swipe, if you’re on mobile]

And, just to round things off, here are a couple of 'Work in Progress' snaps which I took during my 'Ordeal by Pen and Ink':

Getting a few in the reserve stash before the tournament begins

I do enjoy scratching away with my Dip Pen and ink but, every now and then I eye my nice fine point Da Vinci Kolinsky brshes and think I really should be using them more.

Breaking up the monotony by doing one with Brush instead of Dip Pen

Sometimes I think the intricate subtletly of my humour is wasted on the public at large. The missus looked over my shoulder one day and said; "Why do you just keep drawing the same thing over and over again?"

Pearls before bloody Swine!
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