30 Jan 2019
“The first 25”

Around the end of July, I came across an account on Twatter called @StudioTeaBreak who set a number of artistic challenges throughout the week, for folks to have a go at.

One that took my fancy was one they call #PortraitChallenge whereby, every Thursday, @StudioTeaBreak post a famous [or not so famous] painting, sculpture or whatever which could be considered a "portrait" and then, anyone who fancies a go at it either copies the portrait or produces their own interpretation of it.

I decided to join in and use each week’s challenge as an exercise in interpretation in a cartoony style. It’s all good fun and you get to interact with other artists having a go at the challenge and also get your ego massaged by clocking up a few Likes and Retweets along the way.

So, here are my first 25 goes at #PortraitChallenge alongside the original portraits they were based upon.

Just in case the eagle-eyed amongst you had spotted some gaps in the chronology; I did miss out participating for a couple of challenges that particularly didn’t appeal to me.

You may also notice that, around the last half dozen or so, I’ve started to work digitally alongside my old favourite pen’n’ink. In November I treated myself to a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 as the price had gone down a bit after the S4 came along. I’m still getting to grips with it and I’ll never enjoy drawing with a plastic stylus on glass a fraction as much as I do scratching away with a nib and ink on real paper. But I’m hoping it will at least have the advantage of speeding up my production rate a bit.

Now, don’t forget to check back in another 25 weeks, for the next installment…​ or you can just see them on my Twatter each Thursday, hot off the presses.

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